What We Do

We have a soft spot in our hearts for helping the less fortunate, especially when it comes to children with special needs. Our organization has been a part of Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia for several years and we strive to raise enough funds to grant at least one additional wish than we did the previous year. In addition, we are passionate about helping the people in our community who have been placed in difficult or unplanned situations.

Tapolci Foundation Education


One of the main initiatives of our organization is raising funds for causes that are close to our hearts. While we do focus primarily on raising funds to grant the wishes of children who were born with special needs that are out of their control, there are numerous other causes we have helped over the years. Below are a few examples of local charities that we have built relationships with and supported through the years.

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We not only believe that we should raise funds for charitable causes, we also make time to volunteer in our community. Our outreach efforts are ingrained into our culture and we continue to organize several volunteer events each year where all employees are able to get out of the office and lend a helping hand. Working as a team to do something good for others is a win-win for both our company and the charity. Listed below are a few of the organizations where we have volunteered our time:

Food Bank
Tapolci Foundation Education


Tapolci Foundation Education

We strive to be a part of building the next generation of leaders, software developers, information technologists, marketers, and other specializations. Canon-McMillan Entrepreneurship and Marketing students, for example, visit our office twice a year for an educational field trip where we speak to them about the benefits and challenges of being a leader and running a business. We introduce these students to different professions around the office and hope to entice them to study those types of professions. Exposing the students to these professions has even led to one or two of them returning to us in their college years as interns. With training and hands-on experience, some of the students may even join our company upon graduation. In addition, we feel the need to educate the younger generation on the spirit of philanthropy.

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